60-Second Videos


This documentary is the film component of my master’s thesis, which also includes an approximately 100-page written companion piece of research and conclusions. For further explanation and access to the written component, click here.

This video looks at the use of the film projector in American homes in the 1920s. The interviews of Smithsonian Museum of American History archivists Pamela Wintle (Senior Film Archivist of the National Anthropological Film Collection) and Wendy Shay (Audiovisual Archivist of the Archives Center) provided valuable insight to the project. All shooting, editing, and animations were done by me.

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This is a short documentary film about Ojas Patel and his search for meaning. It involved multiple off-camera interviews to get to know Patel and get a feel for the general story. We then met several times over a few months for long interviews in his home, a production studio, and in his neighborhood. The music heard throughout the film was performed by Patel himself.


This is an informational video for the Mangrove Action Project (MAP). Their Thailand location is located in the southern provence of Trang, and they operate throughout the country, predominantly in the south. I filmed various projects and locations with the staff and interviewed several community members, such as women volunteering in the communities, foreign volunteer groups, and community leaders. The majority of the footage was handed over to the organization to translate and use as they wished, while this video was created by using some of the highlights of the month I spent with MAP.

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Legal Voice is a phenomenal organization working on landmark cases for the rights of women and the LGTBQ community in the Pacific Northwest. This video was created for and shown at the organization’s Cocktails for a Cause fundraiser. It involved the interviewing of over a dozen staff members, volunteers, board members, and clients.

This video was created for Spreeha Foundation in the Mohammadpur slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a training video for first grade teachers working for the organization. The timeframe for the shooting was approximately 30 minutes during a class, as well as the walk to and from the classroom from the organization’s office.

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