Holly Koch



Human Rights | International Development

Women's Empowerment | Media Representation

Sustainability | Climate Change

Long-Term International Travel

Nicaragua | Turkey | Thailand | Laos | India | France

Masters THESIS

An American in Paris: The discourse and realities of Paris No-Go Zones



Living in Washington, DC

Studying documentary filmmaking in Georgetown's CCT grad program

Playing with my chocolate lab


Adobe Creative Suite | Graphic Design | Audio/Visual Production | Basic HTML, Processing, Javascript | Animation Arduino | Circuit Design | Mario Kart

Side Projects

CCT - Web designer and curator

Social Justice Documentary - Teaching Assistant

gnovis - Multimedia Director

   Student-run academic journal and blog

Car Barn Labs - Organizer 

   Student-run technology workshops

Media Fest - Organizer         

   Interactive art exhibition

GreenUP - Co-Founder & Director of Communications

   Campus sustainability group

HoneyGuide - Designer

   Sustainability E-book